Friday, July 16, 2010

Sting & Instinct

I would like to use Malay+English in my dearest Dari Dalam Lubuk Hati today.But, plz 4give my English..
First of all, sting?Oh actually I'm suffering from severe pain in my right eye..Specifically, my eyelid..(very painful, I can't stand it).I went to the clinic yesterday and the doctor was not very sure about it.So, he just gave me panadol(yes panadol ok!) & eye drop. Unfortunately, it became worse! Sabar jelah....
That was just a short story about sting...I named it sting because I don't really know what is the cause of my swollen eyelid..huh
Secondly, from the deep inside my heart.(dari dalam lubuk hati.hehe)..I have a very strong instinct I guess. So, I HATE to caught someone cheating to me! It makes me feel terrible..Be honest la..bukan aku nak bunuh kau pun..bila dah kantoi,parah kan? This kind of thing reminds me about my experiences. BAD EXPERIENCES. I can't force everyone to like me. I'm not perferct, I'm not the very best, I'm very aware of that ok!.As my lecturer said, there are loads of people who are much3 better than u, always keep that in mind. Don't demand someone else to be perfect if u are NOT!.Learn to accept people..Yes, I admit that as human being, we are seeking for the perfectness. Me too..Sometimes I also advise people to change..but then, at the same time, I'll try my very best to accept them the way they are.easy right? I'm feeling VERY2 DISAPPOINTED now. Kalau nak bergurau sekalipun..ada limitlah..we might think that was a joke. A stupid joke. But how about other people perception?They might take it seriously.And I'm the one who have to face it.DAMN!Ok I'll share a simple example (not a real story). Your friend was telling a joke actually to another friend. Something that insulting u. but it WAS A JOKE! then, your friend who heard or read about it, BELIEVE in that story because its logic. The truth was u didn't do that actually!4 God sake.So, the other friend might understood u as u did bad things like that..n he/she might spread the news to the others too.biasalah, berita hangat kan?
Please la...think think think think n think before u take any action. it may harm others ok!

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